Effzeh auf English: Three Questions with Jonas Hector


What better time to talk to our converted defensive mid than the week following his heroic effort on both ends of the pitch Friday?

If you read German or prefer Google Translate to my voice, go read the original at the official club site here.

If you simply want my Amerikanisch-English version of what Hector had to say at fc-koeln.de. . .

Sidenote: We all love Jonas Hector, right? Dude’s been a great young surprise.


“Thrice he saved at the line, one goal he scored himself. After practice on Wednesday, fc-loeln.de spok with Jonas Hector about his strong appearance in the match against Cottbus and ask why he is especially looking forward to the next away match in Kaiserslautern.”

Jonas, you had a crucial contribution to the last-minute victory against Cottbus. Was it a particularly nice night, or what?

Of course it is nice when you can contribute something tangible to a victory. But, speaking honestly, I was primarily just glad and relieved that we even won the match. I have been asked a few times about the fact that I cleared off the line twice. The first time is was apparent that he would shoot on goal, and I was able to scrape the ball off the line. The second time it was just pure instinct or anticipation, and I was lucky that the ball came directly to my skull, so I could then head it away.

On Monday, we go to Kaiserslautern. That is not far from your hometown. Are you particularly looking forwar to the match against the FCK?

Of course. In Saarland, there are many Lautern fans, and, as a child, I also went one time or another to the Betzenberg. Because it was so near my home, many friend will be in the satium, and that is naturallyk something special for me. Last year I was attended the match in Kaiserslautern after being injured, but could not yet play and unfortunately sat on the bench. Therefore, I’m looking forward even more to Monday.

The FC has often found things difficult on the Betzenberg. Was sort of match do you expect?

In recent years, it actually has not always looked rosy for the FC on the Betzenberg, but we will definitely not go there to hide. Directly from last year, we have something for which to make amends. The coaching staff is preparing us intensively for the match. We are the table leaders and have a ten-point advantage on the FCK. Hence, we want to perform there. We want to win the match. It’s with this attitude we travel to Betzenberg.

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