Effzeh auf English: Back to the Future II with next year’s kit?

new old trikots

I can’t imagine this is yet another belated April Fools joke, but Bild is reporting that the Effzeh is going to be sporting the look of the 1997-98 diagonally-split jerseys (thanks to the FC Koeln Trikot Archive for the image)  for the last home match of the season against FC St. Pauli on May 4th, serving as a preview of the planned look for next season’s return to the Bundesliga.

I could be misinterpreting that. The article says the jersey will be “presented” at the match. I don’t get the impression that Bundesliga matches do a lot of pre-game presentations as are so common in my American sporting experience, so I’m making a bit of a leap of assumption here. I’m certain someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

If you cruise around a bit on that site with all the historic looks of the Effzeh, you’ll see there are certainly far worse looks to revisit to mark a momentous season, though there are also arguably better ones, too.

Thank you for NOT choosing this retro-look.

Hopefully, this is not an attempt by Erima to curse the club in their last season as the official outfitter of the club, as their contract, set to end next summer, was not renewed, with Jako taking over uniform duties in what will be our second season back in the top German league (and potentially first trip to Champions League? Hey, an Effzeh fan has to dream, right?). The 1997-98 in which the look originally debuted was the first time the club was relegated.

Perhaps it will serve as a perfect bookend by also marking the first season of a permanent return to the level at which the club belongs.

If this is how it’s going to roll out, I hope there is an accompanying video that can rival last year’s funky effort with the wigs, sideburns, and mustaches, not to mention the rad vintage vehicle.

Might I suggest using some “Welcome Back, Kotter” themes for inspiration?



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4 Comments on "Effzeh auf English: Back to the Future II with next year’s kit?"

  1. Let’s just hope they have some sustained success and get the attention of Nike or Adidas. They make FAR better kits then these smaller companies.

  2. We will not be wearing it at the game against pauli – Bild and Express say it will be introduced as a preview for next season. Hope this answers your question as I could misinterprate your question as well 🙂

    • You have it right!

      It would be typical here for there to be some pre-match ceremony at which something like that could be revealed, but I wasn’t as sure about there, so I thought maybe they’d be wearing them for the match. Appreciate the clarification!

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