Effzeh auf Englisch: Four Questions with the Captain

In a test, it seems a lot less likely the captain will be sent off.

I don’t know why this stuff doesn’t get translated for the English site, but eventually all Effzeh news will be in both English and German.

Which, in turn, will render me largely obsolete, which would make me sad, but it would also mean that the number of fans of the club who can handle English but not German has grown large enough to be notable, which would probably mean some very interesting things are happening on the pitch.

It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make, people. I’ll find another way to write!

In the interim, the brief discussion with Miso Brecko posted on fc-koeln.de flipped into English by a completely unqualified translator (i.e. me):

“I look forward to Schalke”

After the first two straining sessions on Thursday, fc-koeln.de spoke with FC-Captain Miso Brechko about preparations during the winter break, the two new acquisitions, and the coming test match against Schalke 04.

Miso, what have you taken from the strong first round for the final 15 matches of the season?

The first thing is that we win our matches. We definitely want to maintain first place, as direct promotion into the Bundesliga is our clearly stated goal. If I can contribute with good performances and a few more assists as in the first 19 matches, that’s a nice bonus. Ultimately, the only thing that counts is that our team collects the necessary points. Everything is good, and we can hardly wait for it to finally start again.

Since the winter break, two new players have appeared on the training pitch. What impressions do you have of Bård Finne and Kazuki Nagasawa?

When the mood of a team is as good as ours currently is, it makes it easier for new players to integrate. Bård and Kazuki are both still young, but one can already see that they both have the necessary talent. In training, they go about their work with a lot of fun and great engagement.

The first test match of the year comes this Saturday against Schalke. What expectations to you have going into this match?

Schalke is a strong team playing in the Bundesliga and Champions League. We want to set challenging tasks for ourselves. Even so, it’s only a test. Such matches are important, particularly during preparations. The team can play while the coach experiments. It’s a cool thing for the fans, and I really look forward to being able to run out into our stadium for the first time in the new year against Schalke.

After that, it’s off to the Mediterranean. . .though, for strenuous exercises in training camp several times daily. Can one, at all, look forward to the upcoming program?

Clearly, while at training camp in Belek, there will be a strenuous session here or there; that’s just part of the package, especially when you have big ambitions in front of you, as we do. But we are already training consistently here in Köln, nearly twice daily. Because the weather in Germany is a bit colder, the training conditions here are not as optimal as in Turkey. The facilities in Belek are superb, and give us the best possible conditions for us to concentrate and prepare intensively for our important tasks ahead; this, for me, easily outweigh any such anticipation, because we definitely want to return to the Bundesliga.

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  1. I suppose you contributed to the growing number of english speaking fans. So maybe it is your sucess that in some way rendered you obsolete. But still you are not obsolete in a way because a bolg is allways something different to an offial website.

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