Effzeh auf Englisch: Away Victory Keeps Köln Class of League

While I’m certain we could all do without the dramatics, ultimately, it IS fun to seize victory late in the day, is it not?

This one was not left quite so late as the match in Karlsruhe, requiring a 90th minute salvage from Miso Brecko.

Nor was it as irritating as the scoreless draw just five days ago to 1860 München. I mean, it was close to that antagonizing, but lacked the missed penalty, the irritation of which was soothed only by the dropping of points by Union Berlin and SpVgg Greuther Fürth over the weekend, allowing the Billy Goats to maintain their presence atop the 2. Bundesliga table.

The 0:1 in Bielefeld means we will pay a slight less amount of attention to the Fürth and Union output because we can’t* be topped!

*(Okay, if Union wins by four goals against Aue, they could move in front by a nose, but…Nah…won’t happen!)

And, Fürth already lost to Ingolstadt!

Nope. Not a misprint. Ingolstadt got an early goal and rode it all the way to their own away victory against the club that looked early in the season like “the team to beat.”

Who looks like “the team to beat” now? The one no one has beat: 1. FC Köln.

Without doubt, with no losses, you’d hope to do better than a 50-50 split between wins and draws, but there’s not a number you’d rather see in the loss column than ‘zero.’

Anthony Ujah and Slawomir Peszko celebrate during Köln's 0:1 victory in Bielefeld.

Tönn and Slawa stay lose with some synchronized cheerleading.

Despite no break between match days, it’s a full ten days until the next match, but it’s a good one. Current second-place Union Berlin will travel west to play in Müngersdorf, potentially for a shot at taking over first place.

Unlike last season, these extra-long Friday-until-following-Monday breaks between matches were unsufferable because, at least early in the season, they were sandwiched between a pair of losses in which the good guys failed to score even a goal.


Well, I do, but those memories are fading fast, because this club is making things happen. Despite it being a one-goal match and scoreless for FAR too long, 1. FC Köln was taking it to Arminia Bielefeld for long stretches of play. Were the shoe on the other foot, I’d have had to leave the room, unable to watch the assault on goal by the opposition.

Which is nearly what I did toward the end of the first half, when the Effzeh defense started to look a bit overwhelmed and Arminia was  legitimately threatening to take an early lead.

Or, rather, I would have been thinking of not watching, but this team has come from behind often enough to make me believe it would have happened again…were it needed. It’s exceedingly rare for a team to go undefeated through a 34-match season. I’m not sure any team has managed a full season without ever trailing. Seems unlikely, to the point I’m not even going to try to research it!

All the way from Seattle, I could hear the Effzeh fans loud and clear all match long.

Due to time constraints, I’m going to wrap this up right here. I knew I wouldn’t have time for a proper match recap, but wanted to at least acknowledge where I/we am/are on a Friday night post-victory. I still would rather be in first place in the spring than in the fall, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a bit nice to not be digging our way out of the basement as was the case last season.

Have a happy Spitzenreiter weekend!


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