Effzeh auf Englisch: 1. FC Köln News from 30 July 2013

Should I expect any visits from Poland today, simply due to the return of Peszko?

One of the most-interesting things about this project has been seeing visits logged from all around the world. Granted, we are not talking about a ton of visits daily, so the numbers are quite small by every measure, particularly when you break them down by nation.  What it turns out to be, in my perspective, are individuals like myself flung far from Köln who have, for various reasons, become fans of the 1. FC.

Germany is always the top visitor. That would seem obvious, except that I’d think they have plenty of German-language content available. I do not take for granted those who bother to come read my site!

Considering how few people I know here in the USA are aware of the Bundesliga specifically until I bother them about it, I’m always pleasantly surprised at the percentage of clicks I get from my home nation. I’ve said before that it certainly could be just friends and acquaintances checking in on my insanity, but I like to hope that, even if it’s just that, I’m turning some people into Effzeh fans, even if only the most-passive fans ever.

Hey, you have to start somewhere. I wasn’t a nut job about the club the first time I saw Pedro Geromel rise above the crowd on a corner to make harmless an otherwise-fine ball or upon seeing Poldi drive one into the back of the net and pump his fist vehemently in celebration in front of the most-raucous fan stands available.

You must submit to Geißbock Power! (Except, that’s probably nasty.)

The United Kingdom and Australia are always present among views, but always just a few. I suppose were I covering the BVB, I could hope for a wider audience in those countries. Someday…

Then a sprinkling around the globe: Singapore, Spain, France, Netherlands, and Norway. Pretty sure I know who might be reading from the Netherlands and Norway (Thanks Martijn and Niklas!). Well, really, thank all of you.

Yesterday’s stats had 17 hits from Spain, which was the most visits on the day by any country. I think that’s the first time Germany was NOT the top dog since I started this. My boy Martijn suggested it might have been Roman Golobart’s family, which would be funny to think, but is a distinct possibility. Certainly, it wouldn’t be a shock if it were a Golobart discussion that brought some visits from Spain.

I’m sure none of this is that interesting to much of anyone other than me, but I guess it IS technically my site.

Though, as I said, I don’t take y’all for granted, so…

  • The big news has to be of the return of Slawomir Peszko to Köln after a protracted series of negotiations between club, player representatives, and an investor in Peszko’s transfer value.Oh, and (apparently) Italian first-league side Parma F.C., as they’ve apparently signed the Polish national to a three-year contract, the first year of which will put Peszko with the Effzeh via loan.The report of the deal posted at Kicker quoted advisor involved in negotiations as saying over the weekend a deal was “far away,” but that a verbal agreement was now in place between Peszko, 1. FC Köln, and Parma FC.

    Peszko (for the newcomers) was with the club in the relegation season and was (somewhat inexplicably) signed to an extension, though it was clear he was not going to play for the Billy Goats. Eventually he landed in the English second league with Wolverhampton via a loan deal, where he played under the coach of the 1. FC Köln in that awful season, Stale Solbakken, who was fired mid-season by the Wolves.

    With Peszko about the return and Bröker largely ineffective on the wing, it seems I’ll have to get even more used to hitting that ‘z’ key. All aboard the left pinkie finger workout!

  • Already finished before you read this will be Tuesday evening’s FC-Stammtisch at Gaffel am Dom. Among those discussing post-derby Effzeh matters is Maxi Thiel.

    Maxi wearing clothes to assure I don’t forget the generation gap.

    It’s too late to do much to go see young Maxi partake in this discussion, but…”ein Kölsch geht wie immer auf das Haus” has me thinking you get a free beer when you attend the Stammtisch?!

    How do I apply for immigration to Himmel am Rhein? Someone tell Ms. Merkel I can cook, speak passable German, and try to be generally polite. Plus, I have two cute kids bound to be tall-ish. Excellent center back or keeper candidates, I should think.

    Video from the discussion should be available on the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger by morning, I believe.

  • I have almost no interest in the continued finger-pointing going on between Fortuna president Peter Frymuth, FC Sports Director Jörg Schmadtke, and the Köln police in regards to all the derby-day non-football shenanigans. I do think it’s a little careless to try to plan a march through the city knowing it would draw the wrong sort of attention, complain when police shut it down in order to avoid such situations, and then, after the event, complain there was not enough police protection.At the same time, even if it were the Champions League final, it’s still just a football match. Throwing stuff at a train full of opposing supporters is dumb. I will never understand that mentality, thankfully.
  • The Twitter account for BILD’s coverage of Effzeh, thanked Golobart for an “interesting, funny discussion,” by way of announcing an interview they’ll be running tomorrow. Topics discussed will be his nickname, yoga, and his beard.That’s at least going to be interesting, and you know it.
  • On a fairly slow news day, should you find yourself needing something more, head to the KSTA site and watch this video. You get scenes from today’s rain-soaked training session interspersed with Peter Stöger talking. It’s better than nothing, isn’t it?!

And, with that, I’m out! Probably will start to look toward Trier and see what Eintracht may have in store for the Effezh in the DFB Cup opening-round match-up between the two clubs. It’s certainly better than fussing about how long it will seem to have been by the time we get a shot at getting the first victory of the season.

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