Effzeh auf Englisch: 1. FC Köln News from 26 July 2013

Heinz “Flocke” Flohe January 28, 1948 – June 15, 2013 Rest in Peace

Finished the work week in grand fashion (in that I survived it) and am now prepared for “derby” weekend.

Took in some piece of all three of the matches this morning. Can’t say I’m overly impressed with either of the two teams atop the table at the moment. They both clearly have strengths, but neither have the look of Hertha BSC last year, for sure. I’m looking at Greuther Fürth’s porous defense and looking forward to seeing red and white running through it on a day when maybe Wolfgang Hesl is NOT quite as sharp as he’s needed to be.

Lots of stuff happening today, so enough about all the non-Effzeh chatter.

  • 1. FC Köln launched a new Twitter handle for following matches live.1. FC Köln Live, for me, is simply something else to avoid while trying to NOT know the result before I get to watch the Re-Live on FC-TV. You may have a different opinion on it.Either way, there it is!
  • I caught the YouTube version of the pre-match press conference while riding the bus to work this morning. The first thing that caught my ear was a planned “minute of silence” to pay respects to the memory of Heinz “Flocke” Flohe.Admittedly, my first thought was that the chances for some of the visiting fans to disrespect the silence was there. Unfortunately, every fan group (including ours) has its share of knuckle-draggers.Happily, news quickly disseminated that the minute would NOT be silent, rather a full-on cheer for the man. When you think on it, a minute of loud cheering is a much more appropriate tribute to a legendary player than anything. It’s not as if everyone quieted to a hush when he would take the pitch. I don’t know what he would think, of course, but I like it.Plus, if anyone wants to sit on their hands and not take part, well, who’ll notice or care? My guess is they’ll be surrounded by Fortuna fans offering at least polite applause.
  • Today was apparently Yannick Gerhardt’s turn at a profile from the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger. The 19-year-old midfielder who made his professional debut last week in Dresden still lives at home with his parents, where he’s not above feeling pressure to clean his room.Yannick’s parents are not intimidated by his new-found fame as a footballer, after all. Younger sister Anna also plays for 1. FC Köln with the U-17 team and has represented Germany as a national player.Whether Gerhardt is chosen to start or not, he knows he’s in for a great experience Sunday, saying it’ll be crazy, regardless of his playing status.”I have often been in the stadium and wished to find myself on the field,” said Gerhardt. “To debut in front of 50,000 spectators would naturally be unique.”Gerhardt also admitted to being nervous at the beginning of the match in Dresden, and that he found the experience to be draining, saying “I was out of breath from the beginning. It was really exhausting.”Considering everything, Gerhardt has been rightfully praised for a great performance in his home debut. If he gets teh nod Sunday and performs at least as well, the sky is the limit for a kid who appears to have a long and exciting career before him.
  • I love Effzeh.com’s pre-match banter. I’m hoping they don’t mind if I steal a bit here…”It is again time! Köln versus Düsseldorf…Kölsch versus brackish water, large versus small…BAP versus (Die Toten) Hosen, and naturally “Alaaf” versus “Helau.”And, thus, you get a taste of how deeply seated this rivalry is, and also how it is, in many ways, not quite a derby, in the typical sense. While the battle for supremacy by residents of both cities has not taken a break in…what…hundreds of years? Maybe thousands?…the two clubs will meet on a football field for the first time in over 14 years. The return of another way for the cities to compete is certainly a momentous occasion. The chance that 90 minutes of on-field battle results in definitive bragging rights for at least a few months is all the more reason to let the excitement run wild, even if it’s not quite the same as the Borussia Mönchengladbach tradition.David Schmitz delivers a good overview of the match-up before the piece ends with predictions for match results, which run from a 4:1 to a “I’d better not give a tip, less I get excommunicated.”Clearly “antistar” knows that, right now, nobody even wants to consider a home loss as a possible outcome.
  • A Nurnberger fan-culture online magazine called “YA BASTA!” offered an outsider’s take on the Düsseldorfer Punkteklau video, which really nails a problem with its very existence.Begrudgingly, my initial reaction to seeing the video was, “good stuff.”Later, one learns that the people behind the video were not so much fans, as it was an advertising agency, ostensibly hired to produce the video. Hence, rather than an example of creative rival-poking on the part of some talented fans, what you actually have is little more than a glorified television commercial, which takes every bit of “good stuff” out of it, even when the idea and execution are as good as they are here.The dominance of commercialism in sport is unavoidable. I mean, teams wear their jersey sponsor’s logo right in the middle of their shirts!But it doesn’t belong in the fan culture.Rather, I personally don’t want to see it in the fan culture. Now, if it turns out the production was actually a creation of fans who just happened to have leveraged their day-job experience into a fan video, then that would seem okay, but the distinction is important. To me, such outsourcing is simply crass.Thank you to the Nürnbergers for stating their case. This is a cause in which we should ALL be able to find common ground.And thank you to “zumselkoeln” for posting the piece!
  • But, just a quick retort otherwise:


  • It would seem the 2013-14 yearbook is now available. You may as well grab that and the new Geißbock Echo for those moments you need to fill the void left when you’re done reading “Effzeh auf Englisch.”

I honestly still have several items I wanted to include, but haven’t managed the time today, and it’s getting late. Kids…what you going to do?

Hope you all spend Saturday in whatever way you need to properly prepare yourself for the return of 1. FC Köln football to its home ground.

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