Effzeh auf Englisch: 1. FC Köln News from 13 August 2013

No joke, I actually dreamed last night I arrived in Köln, wandered a team shop packed with too much merchandise for me to make a purchase, and ended up wandering the city’s streets among BVB fans.

They may have been Aachen fans, but I suppose I will never know for sure.

I also remember thinking I needed to send a photo of the team shop to  friend by way of announcing that I was in town. The absurdity of that would be that there is NO WAY I wouldn’t be talking about a planned trip to Köln for months in advance. Dominick, and pretty much every Effzeh fan on Twitter, would long be bored with hearing about me coming long before my flight actually landed.

Completely unconnected, I was contacted by someone via Twitter this morning looking for a freelance writer who speaks German and is interested in football. While I was still in pre-coffee grogginess, it sounded like an ideal opportunity, but it did turn out the “German” part was more important for the actual “German” rather than the football.

This does mean I am still available for hire!

But, as long as I’m not doing it for pay…Come on, Effzeh!

  • One question I had Sunday night while watching the match was whether Thomas Bröker was truly not starting due to an injury, or a muscle issue was a convenient way to keep Bröker out of the way to give Maxi Thiel a go with the starters. I don’t get that coach Stöger is too worried about coddling the egos of veterans, but he did seem fairly convinced of Bröker’s play in some of the friendlies, which has to now seem like it was unfounded confidence.Kicker reports, however, that Bröker’s thigh will keep him away from the pitch for this weekend’s home match with SV Sandhausen as well. With Thiel being largely invisible at Paderborn and Maurice Exslager making his presence known in a short appearance, nobody should be too surprised if the former MSV Duisburg forward makes his Startelf debut Saturday.
  • If you’ve been looking for the right bargain to purchase some tickets to an Effzeh home match, it would appear the club has something for you. For just 40 Euro, you can get a ticket to Saturday’s match with Sandhausen, the 1. September meeting with Erzgebirge Aue, and a 5-Euro voucher for use toward merchandise from any of the club fan shops. That adds up to 19 Euro savings, according to the announcement.
  • In other match day news from that same article, Cat Ballou will be peforming in the stadium before Saturday’s match, as well as at halftime.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PO5sw7L0BY8My first contact with this band was when Marcel Risse posted the video for “Et jitt kei Wood” on his Facebook when announcing his gratitude for Mainz fans while speaking of his transfer to 1. FC Köln as a “childhood dream fulfilled.”

    Of course, the drama of the pursuit of the first three-pointer of the season should be enough, but free music is generally a good thing.

  • Or, you could just surrender some Facebook information to Kalayo and try to win two tickets to the Sandhausen match. Up to you.
  • Several players are absent from training due to various international obligations.Timo Horn, as he announced on his Facebook page, was tapped for national duty against France, in which he ended up making his debut among the U21 nationals, coming on after halftime.

    En route to Freiburg for national duties against France, or just a random plane pic? Clarify yourself, Timo!

    Also headed into action for their individual U21 squads are Kacper Przybylko (Poland) and Kevin Wimmer (Austria).

    Fabian Schnellhardt and Yannick Gerhardt are with the German U20 group, which will be in some sort of training course, rather than participating in an actual match.

    As far as the seniors go, Miso Brecko and Dominic Maroh will be with the Slovenian team that travels to Finland for a friendly match, while Adam Matuschyk will be part of Poland’s hosting of Denmark.

  • With a few weeks remaining in the transfer window, it’s never too late for the emergence of new player-acquisition rumors or the rekindling of those that had seemed to fizzle out.KSTA reports the Effzeh may be targeting striker Bard Finne, currently of Brann Bergen in Norway’s top league, as well as a regular in Norway’s U18 efforts.Finne has 5 goals for Brann in 13 appearances.

    According to the KSTA article, a transfer would cost the club 300,000 Euro and would come in the winter window.

    The mention of interest in Finne resurfaced Erwin Hoffer’s name as someone favored by Stöger, should any further offensive help be targeted, though it is unclear from the piece whether there is renewed interest or his name was simply being mentioned because of past interests. The impression I had was Hoffer is no longer a possibility. I’d think any pursuit of Finne would confirm that.

  • This actually was posted Saturday, but it’s worth having here in case you’ve not seen it.Peter Stöger took to Facebook, as he is wont to do, to air some thoughts about the season so far to the fans directly.Among the highlights:

    With regard to the results thus far: “At the moment, (the glass) feels to me half-empty.”

    Today, I went an hour being displeased with our demeanour. Too many empty runs, too little aggression, no unity, no individual battles won…

    Pensive? Angry? Tell us you’re annoyed!

    I think another quote actually has Stöger pretty much saying the first victory will come Saturday, but I’m not entirely confident in my translation of that, so I’ll leave it out.  He definitely believes winning will come with full effort of the team from the very beginning throughout the match.

    But, oh, the comments on his post…people are losing their minds!

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  1. I’ve done that too. Actually, I have a dream about once a month where I’m in Germany. I lived in Cologne for 3 months in 2007 and clearly I’m longing for a return.

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