Effzeh auf Englisch: 1. FC Köln News from 1 August 2013

Nascimento seems to have found a way to slow Ujah.

What would I do if I didn’t start by talking about me?

First, can I tell you this is my 50th article since launching the site. Thanks for however many of those you’ve read. I hope to have at least 50 more. You keep reading; I’ll keep writing. Deal?

I’ve read nearly no Effzeh news today, as I was busying myself with another piece I was writing for the Bundesliga Fanatic site. My primer for the DFB Cup’s first round is live and ready for kick-off. If you’re interested in my writing from a more-neutral point of view or even just want more information about the Pokal as someone relatively new to German football, please go read and hopefully enjoy.

Now I am REALLY behind in reading up on Trier, but I’ve learned that they have been behind a few big upsets in the DFB Cup tournament, earning a reputation as a “Tournament Terror” after taking out defending UEFA Cup holders Schalke 04 in the second round before doing the same to Schalke rival and defending UEFA Champions League champions Borussia Dortmund a month later.

Hence, “Pokalschreck!”

Such a reputation could work to their disadvantage in some ways. They’re unlikely to surprise anyone when they’re known for knocking off bigger clubs.

On the other hand, they’ve done it more than once, so they might simply be good at it, as well.

The Effzeh knows as well as anyone that Eintracht Trier has the goods to succeed in tournament play. Just four years ago, the two clubs met in the tournament’s third round after Trier had taken care of Hannover 96 and Arminia Bielefeld before hosting the Billy Goats in a match that would end Trier’s run, thanks to a definitive 0:3 result at Moselstadion.

Trier’s coach, Roland Seitz, has apparently decided to embrace the image of being big-club killers, saying 1. FC Köln “would not be the first big club we dispatched.”

Young newcomer Maxi Thiel, however, does not seem impressed by the track record of their Saturday night opponent, saying the Effzeh must “polish off” a fourth-league team, even if it takes over an hour to score the goal.

  • Would you believe me if I told you that fan favorite Anthony Ujah has been voted “Player of the Month” just once during his 11 months in Köln?

    Well, you should, because it’s true!

    As much as I’ve enjoyed watching Marcel Risse so far, Ujah seems like the all-time lock to win the July award as owner of the only two goals that mattered last month.

    I don’t wish to sway anyone’s vote. Go here and let your voice  in the matter be heard.

  • The Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger ran a fairly long piece wrapping up the Slawomir Peszko situation.

    Peszko went out of his way to publicly thank Lukas Podolski, who made appeals to all involved to help Peszko get out of a sticky contract situation in order to be able to play football this season. With the resolution finally coming this week, Peszko was clearly grateful for the intervention.

    Peszko will also be grateful to be allowed to put behind him the ugly public-intoxication and jailing incident that has polluted his image in Köln.

    I no longer think about that time,” said Peszko about the matter. “If I play in Köln as I have in my best times, the fans will hopefully forget that.

And…I wasn’t joking; that’s all I have time for today!

Hope to get a bit deeper into Trier tomorrow. For now, happy Friday Europe. I’m off to bed!

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