Interview with a New Guy: Dusan Svento

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This will actually be the first time I’ve mentioned recent signing Dusan Svento, as the acquisition was announced back before I decided to re-focus on being a regular English voice for the club out here in the non-German wilderness.

So, yeah, add another left-tending midfielder to the collection, though the club announcement of the signing indicates he also can play at left back. You can’t really complain about adding depth, especially when it’s a player who can be versatile enough to cover a few different areas. Injuries to Bruno Nascimento and Kevin Wimmer, as well as the one-game suspension of Miso Brecko all exposed the lack of depth in defense last season. You can get away with the patchwork solutions Peter Stöger had to employ in spots, but that’s not a good long-term policy, especially heading into a season in the Bundesliga

Svento is Slovakian national player. Slovakia is not to be confused with “Czechoslovakian,” my fellow Americans who still are somehow unaware that the country split rather peacefully a while ago, and comes to us from Red Bull Salzburg. The 28-year-old logged 183 matches for Red Bull, scoring 22 goals and assisting on 33. He comes with the experience of a champion, having experienced league titles in Austria with Red Bull and with Slavia Praha in the Czech Republic’s Gambrinus Liga. He also won the Austrian Cup with Red Bull and was voted the “Best Foreign Player” of the Gambrinus Liga in 2006.

If you want to see our new man hammer home a volley against a top team, check out this goal from a match against Paris St. Germain.

Essentially, the guy has a decent pedigree, albeit largely from leagues at a lower level of competition. Then again, the same can be said for pretty much the entire Effzeh roster, as far as that goes. We shall see how it translates.

Speaking of ‘translates,’ how about some highlights from an interview with the new player as posted on in German?

And, apparently, by “highlights,’ I mean, “pretty much the whole damned thing. I guess my German is getting better. Thanks again, Fußball!


Hello Dusan. Last season, Peter Stöger was a competitor as coach of Austria Wien. As of this summer, you are one of his players. Are you looking forward to working together?

Yes, very much so. It is correct that Peter Stöger was among my rivals last year, but even then I knew he was, as a person, a really great guy. He has also similarly shown that he is a great coach. He won the championship with Wien and earned promotion with Köln. That deserves respect.

Next season, you will go together to face the challenge of the Bundesliga. What excites you about that?

It has been a dream for me to play in one of the best leagues in the world. When I was 21, I had an offer out of the Premiere League, but a transfer never materialized due to an injury. And just two years ago, I had an offer out of the Bundsliga, but nothing came of that either. When recently I received the inquiry from the FC, I immediately thought, ‘You have to do this!’ I am happy that it finally worked out with the Bundesliga.

Did you already have a notion of the FC?

Yes, I knew the 1. FC Köln is a ‘Traditions Club’ and has great fans. Every match is completely special and gives the feeling of the atmosphere of a Champions League match. To feel such atmosphere on the pitch is really the best thing that can happen to a footballer.

Do you also already know the city of Köln?

No, not as well, but many acquaintances have told me that Köln will appeal to me. Salzburg is beautiful, but also very small. After five years there, I am even more so looking forward to Köln. Earlier, I played in Prague, the city which is my great love, at least so far. Who knows? Perhaps I will like Köln even more!. (laughs).

How would you describe yourself, both characteristically and as a footballer?

I am a quiet type and a team player. For me, the success of the team is the most important. And, football-wise, I am at home along the left flank; that is my natural position. I also played the six for Salzburg and most recently also at left fullback. In my heart, though, I am an offensive player.

What plans have you made for yourself for the coming season?

I want to be successful with the 1. FC Köln. I am really looking forward to the new challenge and have high expectations of myself. My feeling is that, if I stay healthy, next season could be my best.



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