Coach Peter Stöger Weighs in on the Karneval Jersey

As predicted earlier, the uniqueness and questionable sartorial direction of Karneval jersey presented yesterday by 1. FC Köln has become a discussion piece beyond our own pro-effzeh world. Even English-language site Dirty Tackle delivered a piece on it, which made Howler magazine’s daily newsletter of football-related links.

Modeste & Bittencourt are ready for 'Red Guard' duty!

Modeste & Bittencourt are ready for ‘Red Guard’ duty!

Everyone seems to have a fairly strong opinion on the jersey, one way or another.

Those of us who are Team Roten Funken aus Müngersdorf can officially count Peter Stöger among our ranks. The coach responded to request for his opinion on the shirt in his typically measured way before revealing his personal reaction to it.

“Anyone who doesn’t care for the 1. FC Köln and the Karneval will also not like this jersey. Same for those who love the FC but want nothing to do with the Karneval and every Karneval-ist who wants nothing to do with the FC.”

“Surely there are another 8,000 people (who feel differently). I can only suggest that those people order themselves their Karneval jersey.”

“In any case, I’ve already done it.”


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