Bård Finne and Kazuki Nagasawa on Kaiserslautern wish list?

With less than two weeks remaining for clubs to finalize their rosters for the remainder of 2015, any concerns raised from match results will lead coaches and sporting directors to look at their options for bringing last-minute adjustments to their personnel via the transfer window.

Following a pair of draws in 2. Bundesliga action, promotion hopeful 1. FC Kaiserslautern is apparently among such clubs considering some late August wheeling and dealing, while looking toward a familiar partner as one of their options.

“Among the candidates on the list of possible newcomers to Kaiserslautern, stand two professionals of the 1. FC Köln: Kazuki Nagasawa und Bard Finne,” is the quote, reportedly from Thurday’s edition of Kicker, being used as the centerpoint of transfer discussions on the internet.

Both Nagasawa and Finne have found themselves on the outside of crowded positional battles.

Finne had gained some credibility with effzeh fans over the summer when it was reported that he rejected the opportunity to be loaned to 1. FC Union Berlin in favor of staying in Köln to fight for playing time. At the time, Yuya Osako was the only other striker known to be on the 2015-16 roster. Since then, Anthony Modeste m0ved from Hoffenheim to emerge as the first pick in what has so far been a single-striker set-up for Peter Stöger’s new-look offense, with Philipp Hosiner on the bench as another option up front. Simon Zoller, who has been regularly lauded for his work ethic, has been getting time in the midfield, as has Osako.

With the pair of strikers snatching time in an already-well-stocked midfield, Nagasawa increasingly sees little opportunity to get into games.

New scenery, particularly in the second division, could prove to be a boon for both players, should it come available.

“A loan of Bard could certainly be an option,” says Jörg Schmadtke, again according to the quotes being taken from Kicker. What’s not clear from this is whether Schmadtke was asked about Finne and not Nagasawa, and what is being implied from his response.

One thing that can be read from this, though, is that the effzeh sporting director is not eager to lose Finne permanently, leading one to believe that Finne, even if unable to get on the field right now, figures into Schmadtke’s vision for the future.

Finne’s current contract runs into 2017. Nagasawa is under Köln control until 2018.

The 2015 summer transfer window closes on Monday, August 31.

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