Add Simon Zoller to Ever-Growing List of Injury Concerns for 1. FC Köln

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Okay, now that your heart rate is increased, let me tell you that it’s just a bruise and that Simon Zoller should be available for this weekend’s tournament match against FT Braunschweig.

That Zoller had to miss training Tuesday due to the nagging nature of his injury picked up in the friendly loss to Granada last week is a good opportunity to recount the burgeoning injury problem we’ve been suffering this summer, especially as I’ve been writing very little while moving homes and taking vacations.

I can’t imagine anyone following the club is doing so primarily through my blog, because that would be incredibly frustrating. Hence, I suppose everyone reading this already is aware that Patrick Helmes, Kazuki Nagasawa, and Dusan Svento have all been missing in action for a little while now and will definitely not be ready for action come Saturday.

Yesterday, the club added Slawomir Peszko and Marcel Risse to the list of those who will be unavailable for the DFB Cup first-round match.

Coach Peter Stöger said that Zoller wanted to continue training through the injury, but that the pain simply did not subside, so he was holding the striker out for a day, with all intents being that he rejoins team training Wednesday.

With no disrespect intended toward the lovely folks at the charmingly quaint Freie Turner Braunschweig, I wouldn’t be overly concerned about escaping the first round of the tournament, even without Zoller’s services. While it seems a few Bundesliga clubs fall in the first round every year, it’s impossible for me to think the 1. FC Köln could be among them this time around.

Then again, I suppose all fans of big-league clubs have similar inabilities to imagine such a wash-out.

But the opener against Hamburger SV . . . I can’t lie. There aren’t going to be a lot of matches on the schedule I desperately WANT to win beyond the fact I want the club to win all their matches. As poor as HSV looked at the end of last season, it would be nice to be entering the match at full-strength. Currently, prognostications are that Risse might be ready to return by the season-opener, but that’s it.

And we will also need to hope nobody else goes down between now and then, which is no sure thing, at this point.

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