The short version:

I’m a middle-aged American male who, for almost half his life, had not the slightest clue about the game we call “soccer.” A year as an exchange student in Germany nearly 20 years ago and the increasing ease of access to information via the interenet combined to bring me back to watching Bundesliga competition.

Somehow, I’ve become a fan of 1. FC Köln. Here, I will just write about whatever related topics come to mind. This is nothing more than that!

Beyond that, I maintain a daydream fantasy where I somehow move my family to the Köln area, where we will regularly sport the red and white gear and take in some games. Until then, it’s me in my home office nine time zones away watching with my coffee WAY too early in the morning!

There’s a longer version of the story posted here: http://americangeissbock.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/about-that-about-post/

4 Comments on "About"

  1. hey guys … awesome blog from the other side of the world. just linked your blog at ours here: http://www.megaleague.net …. Come on Effzeh !

  2. Nearly most of Effzeh fanblogs are in german. Glad that I finally found your blog. Thanks for sharing. I support FC Köln from Indonesia. Come on Effzeh!

  3. Hey!
    Searching the web for any hint on a possibly existing fan club in the states I stumbled over your blog 🙂
    I moved to California from Köln 1 1/2 years ago and trying to hold up my hometowns flag – virtually speaking. Well I play myself and of course am representing with the Geißbock on my chest – what else?!

    I was wondering where are you living (9 time zones… hmm west coast?) and if you know anything about fans/ fan clubs hopelessly lost with their obsession perhaps even in California LOL 😉

    Come on Effzeh!!!

    • Unfortunately, I know of no actual fan clubs here in the US. There may be some, but nobody has mentioned them to me. Have considered starting one, just so there is one, but not sure it’s worth the effort so far.

      I live in Seattle, so yes west coast, of course. I met another American fan who lives in the LA area. There are a few others with whom I’ve had contact via Twitter and Facebook, but I know of very few US-based fans so far. Hoping we can change that!

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