A Tony-for-Tony swap in attack? Anthony Modeste may be headed to Kölle . . . maybe . . .

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Even before Anthony Ujah was known to be on his way elsewhere, it had to be assumed that striker was going to be a major area of need for the transfer window.

Ujah’s departure, of course, definitely makes the feel of need a bit more intense.

The biggest name to arise in the wake of the Ujah drama has been that of TSG Hoffenheim’s Anthony Modeste. Express reported last week that Modeste and the EffZeh have agreed to terms, which would seem to mean that Hoffenheim and Köln can negotiate the transfer free, as Modeste’s current contract runs into next summer.

He’s an available striker. We need an available striker! Bonus that he’s another Anthony? No need to remember a new first name among the attack options, perhaps? He’s even a fairly active Twitter guy.

Though, Modeste is French and not Nigerian. It’s probably best for the two to not be too similar, eh?

But Modeste seems to be a decent option.

He hasn’t really received a ton of time this season after scoring twelve goals in 2013-14, but we all saw first-hand that he doesn’t always need it, having grabbed a late goal at the Müngersdorfer just a few weeks ago.

With all the options Markus Gisdol has in attack, Modeste being used sparingly is not necessarily indicative that he’s not Bundesliga-ready. He’s definitely shown some quality over the last two seasons.

What could complicate matters from there?

“Modeste is a good player, who employs his body and has a good shot.”

This from Jonas Boldt, assistant to Rudi Völler at Bayer Leverkusen, according to a Tuesday report in Express.

I have a “You have GOT to be kidding me!” to insert here, though I’m not sure whether it’s for Express or for Bayer.

Such a quote about a specific player who was recently reported to be ready to move to your local rival is necessarily going to raise eyebrows. At the bare minimum, it could be interpreted as tampering with on-going negotiations, which could have the effect or raising the transfer fee.

And if it is just that and nothing more, it’s a bit of what I like to call “a douche move.”

The report does say that Boldt says “only” that about Modeste, which could also be that he’s trying to remain tight-lipped about sincere interest. The trio of reporters given byline in the piece speculate that Leverkusen’s failure to make a deal for Kevin Volland and Josip Drmic’s desire to leave are factors that would make potential interest in Modeste seem plausible.

Beyond that single quote, however, the report of Werkself interest is sheer speculation. That doesn’t mean they’re wrong, of course, but . . . I guess I’d wait to hear it from someone other than the assistant sporting director.

Though, if you want to go full tin-foil-hat theory, consider that Modeste played a full 90 minutes last weekend in Leverkusen, making it the first time all season he played the entire match. Could that have been a case of Hoffenheim putting the goods on display for the potential new bidder?




SACRE BLEU! (That one’s for you, Anthony!)

This is the problem with no longer fighting for survival, but also not trying to catch a European spot. Now we have time to worry about all sorts of stuff, rather than just let it play out.

It’s not our fault, right?

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