40,000 attend season-opening festivities with 1. FC Köln

Let it never be said that Köln doesn’t know how to throw a party.

By the official 1. FC Köln accounting, more than 40,000 participated in season-opening festivities on the grounds of RheinEnergieStadion Sunday afternoon, with a good number of them helping deliver the goosebumps by singing along with team members to the club anthem.

You can see a collection of images from the event on the club’s Facebook page.

If you’ve the time and desire, you can watch nearly a full-hour of the event, as captured by YouTube user 1959Martina1, who should be thanked for her service to those of us unable to attend the party.

Popular Kölsch-rock band Kasalla delivered a performance at the event, too. Give their performace of hit song “Immer Noch Do,” the chorus of which is, appropriately, telling the world that “we are still here,” a listen.


Otherwise, enjoy a few images from the event as collected from around the internet:

Philipp Hosiner and Pawel Olkowski stand by as Timo Horn takes questions from the emcee.

Anthony Modeste is pretty handy with a selfie stick.

Hosiner shared a pic from his PoV on stage.

It’s not a real effzeh party until Hennes makes an appearance

A shot from behind Kölsch band Klüngelköpp as they perform

Björn Heuser also shared a nice shot from during his performance


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