Post-Derby Quotes from Stöger, Risse, and Maroh

Some post-match quotes from Peter Stöger, Marcel Risse, and Dominic Maroh:

Coach Peter Stöger


“I feel we put together a really good game. We didn’t hide. We expected a lot of ourselves. I believe that we deservedly won the game.

We contemplated sending the guys forward and assuring the constellation was offensively oriented. We knew that we would have to defend a lot . . . but we also knew that when we win the ball, we can build an offensive game and be dangerous. Whether we surprised anyone, I don’t know. We always try to use the guys and formation we believe we can feel best about a victory, and today it was this formation.”

With regard to not using some chances to go up 3:1 late in the match . . .

“We saw that we had plenty of opportunities where we could have ended the game, but we know that we are a really young team. It gets in the head to bring this game home, and then you don’t always make the right decisions. That can also just be considered valuable experience. Things will get better and better over time and through the course of the season. What impressed me is how they fought. You had the feeling, and you could see, that they absolutely wanted to win this game, to recover the points that we left behind last week. That was great.”

Two-Assist Marcel Risse



“We wanted to be into the individual battles early, as we were in recent weeks, and I think we managed that pretty well. Leverkusen wasn’t able to take control of the game the way I think they had hoped. ”

With regard to the timing of the derby win just before Karneval:

“I believe it’s never come together so perfectly before.”

Derby Hero ‘Double’ Dominic Maroh


“I’m not suddenly the header-animal par excellence like, for example, Tony, but I can still hit one or the other and certainly make myself little bit problematic and difficult. It’s always dependent on how the corner ball arrives with regard to expectations in the middle and what opposing players do. It is a mixture of many factors that must come together, and today it just worked out twice. I am pleased and happy.”

Was scoring twice even better as it was in a derby?

“When you decide a derby dramatically, you have to be really, really proud.”

Could the offensive posture have surprised Leverkusen? 

“I don’t know what Leverkusen expected, after having voiced that they found our play so negative last year. We’ve improved a lot as a team and with our tactics, and I believe you saw that today.”

With regard to the timing of the derby win just before Karneval:

“Even more perfect would have been if this game had taken place exactly on the eleventh-eleventh (November 11, the day Karneval ‘opens’), but otherwise, no, it doesn’t get much better than this, and I hope that the people of Köln can go about on Wednesday with smiles on their faces and savor the day.”

What would you say about the atmosphere in BayArena?

“I’d say it’s nice to have three home matches in a row. No, it was again unbelievable. The masses were not only in the guest block. I turned left, right, everywhere people had Köln scarves and items and . . . yeah, goosebumps from looking at the faces after the match . . . I believe, as a football player, that’s the sort of thing for which you play football, and the reason why everyday you enjoy busting your ass for a club like this one.”

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